Swellosophy: Yoga + Philosophy + Lifestyle by Shannon Caldwell

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Transforming the lives of intiates and non-yogis alike.


A rich and textured life/education exist within Yoga; however if you ask most people “what is yoga?” they’ll answer something exclusively about the “postures.”

Through the deeper studies of yoga, you can learn how the ancient science of yoga can address many of our modern maladies, and not just the physical ills, but our emotional, mental and spirituals ones too. Much of today’s yoga has been stripped of the seven other limbs that make up the practice of yoga.

Even people who don’t care for the “Postures” (or perhaps haven’t found the right form, style, or teacher) can find unity, contentment and purpose in the practice of yoga.



My mission has always been to bring the best yoga training I can to those who seek it (teachers and non-teachers alike), creating as much flexibility for people to attend and pay. My approach has allowed me to teach an amazing collective of yoga teachers for the last fifteen years.

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I’m a serial entrepreneur but a monogamous yogi. I stepped onto my first yoga mat in 1998 quite oblivious to how much that one decision would impact the next twenty years. I started byShannon to share my love of yoga in all its forms. Most people when asked “what is yoga?” will answer “it’s those postures.”

That is one part of yoga but it’s far from being the only one.

Yoga s my rock, my foundation; it’s the lens by which I filter everything. Yoga is deeper and wider than I can ever travel in this lifetime. The journey of yoga is an individual one, but much more meaningful when shared with others on a similar path.

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For the last twenty years, my practiced has evolved just as I have evolved. Another layer moved, another one added. Like most Westerners, I entered the stream of yoga through an asana class. From that first class–with only six of us in attendance–completely changed the trajectory of my life.

That’s sound melodramatic, but it’s the absolute truth.

Because of yoga I became a yoga teacher, a business owner, a writer, and the area’s first yoga teacher trainer (my total passion which I still do.

Those who practice with me, study with me, tell me the experience is transformational. They are not the same when the finish as when they started. The truth of yoga, the truth of themselves revealed for the first time.